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Setting the stage
Posted: 2020-09-07 07:00 CEST
Length: apx. 1100 words (6 minutes)
Tags: [ kerberos network home lab ldap freebsd bhyve ]

Preamble The battleground, as it looks before I start, is a bunch of computers - virtual and physical -, mostly running Linux and FreeBSD (also one Windows 10 and some older systems like Windows 2000, Mac OS X, classic Mac OS, and DOS but those are less relevant to the topic at hand and will most likely not be accounted for). All in all, I have a little over 10 machines (virtual and physical) running FreeBSD, Debian GNU/Linux, and Arch Linux).
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Getting cozy with Let's Encrypt
Posted: 2020-08-30 23:00 CEST
Length: apx. 700 words (3 minutes)
Tags: [ web ssl nginx ]

Once upon a time, the web was wild. I mean, it still is, but some people have tried to make order from it, and set up boundaries. Once upon a time, all data sent over the web was plain to see for everyone who dared to look. This wasn't all too great when people started using passwords to log in to places, or do their banking online. So some people set out to make sure the data being sent from place to place (ie.
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A new space
Posted: 2020-08-29 01:30 CEST
Length: apx. 500 words (3 minutes)
Tags: [ web code ]

Where to start? There was the question of what I was going to use for my new site and progress log. In the past I had always built my own, hand-coding HTML or - eventually - build my own CMS system in PHP - because that's what I enjoy doing, building systems, not necessarily using them (I'm not very good at producing content). I have dabbled in Wordpress, but find it rather clunky and annoying, so I kept looking for something nicer to work with.
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The start of a new adventure
Posted: 2020-08-28 23:45 CEST
Length: apx. 100 words (1 minute)
Tags: [ web ]

Here I am again Beyond frequenting a few forums over the last however many years, I haven't bothered whatsoever with keeping a presence on the web. This here is, in fact, not a huge change to that, it's mostly a way for myself to keep track of what I do. If it helps someone else, that's great, but it's an accident. My goal here is to try to document my projects and chronicle my progress.
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